Interview with World Champion Alexander Georgiev

Grandmaster Darya Tkachenko, 4 times World Champion.


Before talking about the upcoming match could you tell us about your previous experience in a such kind of competitions.

– Two times I played the World Title Match against 10-time world champion Alexey Chizhov from Izhevsk, and I wom both of them. Two matches were played with Alexandr Shwartsman, the score was 1 : 1. Three times I’ve got the title in the round-robin competition.

What is the main difference you see between the WTM and the round-robin tournament?

– Playing match there is a feeling than everything depends on you; but in a big tournament you depend on the others players results.

– It was quiet easy to speak with JM about his emotions regarding the match, he is a very open person, that I couldn’t say about you. What is nevertheless your mood before the match?

– I almost never worry about draughts. In these latter days I don’t think about matches and tournaments at all. It wouldn’t help me to play better. I just enjoy playing draughts.

Then let’s talk about the gradual development of your draughts career.

– While entered the school I started to play draughts at the Palace of Pioneers in Saint Petersburg. My first teacher was Anatoly Svechnikov. But I knew about the game from the kinder-garden and I really liked to play. Sometimes it was happen that in the absence of an opponent I made the moves for both colors.

Hadn’t you any desire to play football instead?

– Yes, I had. I’ve even had one training lesson at the FC Zenit. But the other children of my age have been engaged for 2 years already, thus the coach said it was too late. I don’t regret even though I could be good in playing football too.

Now we are talking about the international 100-squares draughts. But you started to play on 64 squares.

– Indeed, initially, up to 12 years old, I played only draughts-64. It was interesting for me, I liked the competitions in 64. But once I was persuaded to take part in the 100-squares tournament, which was held in Odessa. Since then I play international draughts as well.

You managed to become a top player. What difficulties did you encounter along the way?

– My draughts career could be interrupted at the beginning. The problem was that it took about 40 minutes by tram to get to the Palace of Pioneers, where I studied draughts. My family decided it was too far away, so my training stopped. I wept a lot… As a result the decision was changed for “not far away”.

EC Lubliniec 1995
EC Lubliniec 1995

It would be interesting to learn more about your coach Sergey Manshin. I’ve never seen him.

– He showed me the right way to work on draughts. We had a good relationship with my coach, similar to the Eastern wisdom: “Do not help the grass grow”. If you pull it you can simply pull out it. Sergey Manshin was a brilliant coach. He coached Alexandr Dybman and Michail Korenevsky.

What did you fill when you won the World Championship for the first time?

– Over the long period I couldn’t get into the top three but I dreamed a lot about it. Finally when my dream came true and I became the world champion, this event didn’t evoke any particular filling, everything seemed natural.

What is the most difficult in the game?

– To deal with yourself. Whatever tournament you play you should never think about the result, that is not easy betweentimes. Equally the draughts player must be able to make decisions during the game.

Thank you a lot, it’s been pleasure talking with you.